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‘In my diction, in my stance, in my attitude… this is Black British’

Last summer, Glastonbury gave music’s greatest platform to one man and the community who led him there. From faith and South London to scholarships, left-wing leadership and a 58-date global arena tour starting this month, Stormzy’s voice sells millions, but it belongs to millions more


The anxiety artist

After a career of close misses, it was his disturbing performance in subversive super-villain study Joker that earned Joaquin Phoenix a shelf-full of gold from an industry he once tried to alienate. Here, in search of an actor who leans on fear, refuses to rehearse and holds tragedy close, we look past that bear-trap smile to the man writing Hollywood’s most enigmatic story.



Quietly, broodingly, intensely, Daniel Craig muscled his way into double-oh history. And having reframed a national avatar while that nation’s self-image was shaken more than a Vodka Martini, Craig’s fifth and final mission rounds out the longest, most nuanced tenure. Now, ahead of No Time To Die, he reveals how his infamously abrasive affair with the franchise banked box office billions and rewrote the rules of Bond