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Discover METIO, where art and craftsmanship converge in Italian artisanal eyewear. ‘The Artist’, inspired by great masters, offers frames in fine cellulose acetate and precious metal. PRAISE TO THE ARTIST

Metio Brigitte
The Brigitte + 5 Color
metio Gigi 709 mob
The Gigi + 5 Color
Metio The Artist
Art and style fused into one: METIO's limited edition glasses
The Andy+ 4 Color
The James + 5 Color
The Michael + 4 Color
The Elton + 4 Color
Metio Steve
The Steve + 6 Color
Meticulous production meets artistry: METIO's micro-produced glasses
The Bruno + 5 Color
The Liz + 4 Color
Metio the Artist
Celebrating creativity and craftsmanship: METIO's unique eyewear
The Jack + 4 Color
Metio Sophia 412
The Sophia + 4 Color
Discover the art of luxury eyewear: METIO's limited edition collection
Occhiali The Artist
The Alain + 5 Color
The Paul+ 5 Color
Art and style fused into one: METIO's limited edition glasses
Metio Vivien 022
The Vivien + 5 Color
This Is Marlon
The Marlon + 4 Color

The Artist


At Metio, we craft eyewear reflecting artistry. Our Artist Collection features limited edition glasses honoring renowned artists. Each handcrafted pair boasts premium materials and meticulous production for quality and uniqueness. Our focus on detail guarantees every METIO glass is an individual masterpiece. Explore METIO’s luxury eyewear, the choice for art-infused style.

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