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Gianni Agnelli

Gianni Agnelli

Gianni Agnelli was born in Turin on March 12, 1921, and today, exactly 100 years from that day, the great automotive executive linked to Fiat and Ferrari has remained in the collective imagination.

Despite the formality he cared a lot about, he loved to insert pinches of madness in his clothing: the tie with the crooked knot, the hair always a little longer than the bon ton expected, the jeans bleached during some ceremony, the ankle boots in suede under complete ..

Until his last day of life it is said that he never showed himself without this garment, which he loved to wear both in more formal situations and in his free time. Even in old age when blazers were replaced by more comfortable sweaters, the collar always stood out proudly. On vacation, the shirt was transformed into a linen polo shirt, to be worn strictly white and with rolled up sleeves. The half sleeve even under torture (a rule that we believe still applies today).

Gianni Agnelli is an incomparable and authentic icon of Made in Italy. With the down jacket over the blazer, the shirts with the ‘button down’ collar and the ties waved over the pullover. Or the shawl collar or English ribbed sweaters worn at the stadium, the suede boots also for formal occasions and the watch strictly above the cuff of the shirt. His incredible ease followed precise rules: never short socks, for example, never pointy shoes and hair worn a little long even when everyone had them short. Details that gave him an air above time and fashion, so much so that a week before his death – despite not being seen around for a long time – Vogue magazine included him in the ranking of the 50 most elegant men in the world .Snobism, cosmopolitan culture, bourgeois origins and great style, in short, an irresistible mix to which everything was allowed.

Gianni Agnelli

«La creatività è il piacere più grande. È il solo vero valore aggiunto della vita, capace di comprendere tutti gli altri». Gianni Agnelli


Written by Dominique G.
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