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Gigi Rizzi

Gigi Rizzi

Gigi Rizzi (Piacenza, 23 June 1944 - Saint-Tropez, 23 June 2013 ) was an Italian entrepreneur and actor who became known as a playboy.

Nervi, a district of Genoa, was his home for many years but it was the French Riviera, in particular Saint-Tropez, the real springboard.

It is here that he and his friends earned the nickname of Les Italiens, unattainable in terms of feminine conquests and great flatterers of women who are spoiled and pampered with the latest fashion clothes, exclusive parties and dinners in high-level restaurants.

Son of the sweet life, it was Gigi Rizzi himself, in a turbulent period from a historical point of view, who gave a little “lightness” to the country with the opening of the first Italian nightclub, Number One. In a very short time it became the jewel of the Milanese nightlife, among glitz, vices and barefoot dances on the tables, the most talked about disco of the moment also made its debut in Rome, near via Veneto.

It was June 23 seven years ago and Gigi Rizzi, the Italian amateur who conquered Brigitte Bardot, had recently returned to his Saint Tropez, “which, on balance, remains my place of choice”, as he said a few days earlier. to die to Massimo Fini. In those clubs on the Côte d’Azur, where he loved to dance barefoot until morning, that young boy of Piacenza origins had become Gigi Rizzi, the playboy he conquered by playing. Because everything was a game for him. He had seduced the most beautiful women like this, including BB: his greatest fortune.

All this until June 23, 2013a. It’s almost midnight and Gigi has spent the evening eating caviar canapés and drinking champagne. A stroke hits him, causing him to collapse to the ground, lifeless. It all ended in Saint Tropez where it all started. A dance, which began in the hot summer of 1968, lasted 45 years. Gigi Rizzi’s last dance.

Gigi Rizzi

"He loved to dance barefoot until morning, that young boy of Piacenza origins had become Gigi R. The playboy who conquered by playing, because everything was a game for him"

Gigi Rizzi


Written by Dominique G.
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